Simple, Kid-Friendly Easter Cards

I love mail! Real paper mail! {if you’re read my blog long I’m sure you already figured that out!}

I wanted to do an easy card that B could help me make. So we made chick cards!

• white card stock
• yellow paint and tray
• potato half
• fork (optional)
• foam brush (optional)
• orange paper
• scissors
• goggly eyes
• feathers (we cut our feathers in half because they looked huge whole!)
• liquid glue or stick glue
• black puffy paint

Step One: Fold sheets of card stock in half.

Step Two: Dip potato half in yellow paint and stamp card stock. This is when we used the fork.
We also used a foam brush here to fill in the spaces that were not stamped well.

Step Three: Let dry until dry.

Step Four: Using the black puffy paint, draw feet on each print. This is harder than it sounds!

Step Five: Let the feet dry!

Step Six: Cut out the beaks. I found the easiest way to do this was to cut triangles on a paper fold.

Step Seven: Glue the eyes, beaks, and feathers onto the print. We ended up using stick glue on the beaks and using liquid glue on eyes and feathers!

Step Eight: Sign the insides, insert a picture of your kids, or whatever you would like to do. Stuff in envelopes, seal, address, and mail!


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