An Easter Egg Garland {simple and cute}

This is a super simple and so cute. It came to be since I couldn’t decide on what type of wreath I would like to make. I kept seeing all the “peep” wreaths but was a little put off by the stickiness factor.

So I came up with a quick and simple wreath!

• Easter eggs**
• embroidery floss and a needle

**Make sure that your eggs have holes in them like this:

Using the embroidery thread and needle, string the eggs onto the embroidery thread. Make sure to thread through the inside of the egg and to tie off the string so you don’t push the eggs of the string while stringing!

Make it as long or short as you want with the eggs spaced as closely it as far apart as you want! Tie off the last egg!

Hang this gorgeous garland!!

(I know how awful my door frames look, I plan to paint them when it stops raining quite so much!!)


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