Pinwheel Wreath {June 2014}


This wreath was actually just an update to a previous wreath I had made. Sometimes you can simply add to a wreath and achieve a whole new look! This update took me about 15 minutes to do.

You could easily add pinwheels to one of those raffia style wreaths just as quick as I updated this wreath if you don’t have a simple wreath you want to add too.

Felt (I used 4 colors out of my stash. I did double layer pinwheels. If you do single layer ones you could do it with 2 colors.)
Quilting pins
Wreath (one to update or a raffia wreath)
Ribbon (for hanging)
Lighter or Fray Check


Cut two squares of the same size for each pinwheel.

Starting at each corner, cut towards the center of the square stopping between an inch and a half inch from the middle of the square. Cut each corner.

I cut the first square and then stack the squares and cut the second square. I find it easier.


Lay your squares onto the wreath in the place you want it to be when completed.

Fold up one flap and pin in the center.

Go to the next cut and repeat folding and pinning. You will do this at each cut.

Place an extra pin (or two) in the last flap. You can cover them with a button (by hot glue) if you wish but I didn’t. The pin heads are small and not very noticeable.


I cut two different sizes and clustered them together.


Cut a length of ribbon (3-5 feet). Double it and slide it under the wreath bringing the loop to the front. Through the hole slide the loose ends of the ribbon. Pull tight. You can secure the ribbon with pins at the back of the wreath if you want so it doesn’t slip around.


Knot about 8-10 inches above wreath. Hang over hook and tie bow underneath the hook so it will hang securely. (My bow is not very pretty. I haven’t mastered bow tying!)


Stand back and enjoy!  A lovely but simple wreath!



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