{Recipe} Strawberry Jam (using natural pectin)

More strawberries! 8 quarts is a lot to go through so you still have one more strawberry post coming! It’s a yummy recipe for Pudobbler…. Next Friday, it’s coming!


■ 8 cups of hulled strawberries
■ 2 lemons
■ 3 cups of sugar

You’ll need a peeler (or a zester). This recipe can be canned as well but I freeze mine. I have a large freezer but a small pantry!


Zest both lemons into a large pot. Juice one lemon into zest. Reserve the other lemon you will use it momentarily.


Pour your sugar into the pot. Heat over high heat stirring to incorporate. Juice second lemon over sugar mixture. Heat until your mixture turns into a syrupy substance.


Add strawberries. Mix to coat. Remove from heat but leave stove on. You’ll only be away for a minute or two.




Return to heat. Natural pectin does not foam like commercial pectin does. Stir like crazy. Not really but you do need to stir constantly. Eventually you will see a change from a thin substance to a thicker constancy.


Remove from heat. This time you can shut the stove off. Cover with a towel. This will keep the heat in but will let the substance thicken. It will also cool it slowly for packaging.

After a few hours, it’s time to separate and package. I put 8 ounces per bag and had 3 bags plus 8 ounces for the jar in my fridge.

Now you have to make some biscuits so you can eat jam! Or peanut butter samdwiches! Yummy!

~ Hope


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