{Tutorial} Freezing Fresh Fruit

I worked up the 8 quarts of strawberries from the auction and froze some of them. Fresh fruit is not hard to freeze but there are a few tricks.


You will need your fruit (hulled fresh strawberries), wax paper, cookie sheet, a timer, your freezer, and freezer bags.


Put a sheet of wax paper down on your cookie sheet and lay your fruit on top. Spread it out. What your doing here is setting up to flash freeze your fruit. This is really important otherwise you’ll have a large lump rather than being able to use a few out at a time. Set a five minute timer and stick it in the freezer.

Depending on the size of your fruit you might need an additional 5 minutes.


They will start looking a little icy and will be harder when you squeeze them then fresh fruit. Package for your freezer.

You will now be able to pull just one or a dozen individual strawberries out when you want to use them.

You should flash freeze fruits with soft outer edges when freezing to eliminate the huge lump problem. Examples would be strawberries, blueberries, sliced bananas, etc. Uncut grapes are fresh fruit that can be thrown in the bag and frozen without flash freezing.



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