{Tutorial} Superhero Cupcake Picks


Brother turned 3 last week! My babies are all growing up so fast!  Tomorrow is Hubby’s birthday too…29! Brother was actually due on Hubby’s birthday but came 10 days early after my water broke spontaneously.

Back to the reason your here…these:


How cute are these? I was really happy with them and people raved over them! There are extremely easy to make and cheap!


● word art from Meaningful Mama printed on cardstock (normally it prints 2 to a page but I printed all six on one page by selecting the multiple page option in the print options)
● scissors (to cut the word art out)
● hot glue gun and glue sticks
● lollipop sticks (from in the cake decorating/party section at box stores)


You are going to place a word art upside down and place a large glob (great word huh!) on the back. Make sure it’s centered and at the bottom of the word (so your word is right side up when your finished). Press the stick into the glue. If you want, you can put a little more glue over the stick but it’s not really necessary.


Aren’t they adorable?

I also found the cutest little figurine for the sheet cake I made.


I made a web pattern on the top and placed Spiderman near the center.

All in all it turned out really cute from cake to cupcakes!



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