Handprint Quilt Part Two: Binding the Quilt

Yesterday you saw the quilt all ready for binding and today we will finish it! There are many different binding methods but this is a simple way to bind quilts without using a bias tape binding or hand stitching so you can catch both edges.


This method of binding uses the backing of the quilt essentially wrapped around the front of the quilt to bind all the layers. It’s a fairly simple method and is relatively quick.

You need excess around your quilt of at least 4 inches (you’ll have a 1 inch binding; if you want a larger binding increase your excess).

You will be working on one edge at a time, rolling two edges first (from opposing ends of the quilt) then we’ll miter the corners.


Fold the raw edge in to meet the edge of the top of the quilt. (Bottom left photo)

Fold over again meeting the edge of the top of the quilt. (Top right photo)

Roll over the edge of the quilt enclosing the raw edges of the top. (Bottom right photo)

Pin like crazy!

Time to miter those corners…it’s not that hard I promise!


I mark the point where the quilt top ends in my previously rolled binding (the side I already rolled up). You will be folding a triangle down without passing this point.

Now you are going to roll the side like you did for the previous sides that you already rolled. Pin and sew!


Here is a picture of the girls gifting the quilt to their teacher!  It was such a fun project even if it did take me weeks to finish!

Sorry if my explanation wasn’t clear. I hope the photos help where my words fail. Ask questions if you have any!



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