{Tutorial} Superhero Cupcake Picks


Brother turned 3 last week! My babies are all growing up so fast!  Tomorrow is Hubby’s birthday too…29! Brother was actually due on Hubby’s birthday but came 10 days early after my water broke spontaneously.

Back to the reason your here…these:


How cute are these? I was really happy with them and people raved over them! There are extremely easy to make and cheap!


● word art from Meaningful Mama printed on cardstock (normally it prints 2 to a page but I printed all six on one page by selecting the multiple page option in the print options)
● scissors (to cut the word art out)
● hot glue gun and glue sticks
● lollipop sticks (from in the cake decorating/party section at box stores)


You are going to place a word art upside down and place a large glob (great word huh!) on the back. Make sure it’s centered and at the bottom of the word (so your word is right side up when your finished). Press the stick into the glue. If you want, you can put a little more glue over the stick but it’s not really necessary.


Aren’t they adorable?

I also found the cutest little figurine for the sheet cake I made.


I made a web pattern on the top and placed Spiderman near the center.

All in all it turned out really cute from cake to cupcakes!



Balloon Birthday Wreath

Two years ago, I made a balloon wreath. It was really cute and took me HOURS to make. Since I wrote a tutorial the first time around I won’t rewrite the whole thing.

You need a wire wreath form, balloons and a movie or two. The wreath form I used was a 4 wire 12″ wreath form. You can use a 2 wire form as well. I don’t suggest any bigger than a 12″ form though. It will take you FOREVER!! Believe me! It’s two years later and I still remember how many hours I sat tying balloons!

Follow this link to find the original tutorial!


I think it still looks pretty cute hanging up on the front door for Brother’s 3rd Birthday!


{Tutorial} Spiderman Birthday Invitations

Brother has become fascinated with superheros, which makes sense since he will be 3 over Memorial Day Weekend. He also really loves Spiderman. (Some people consider him a superhero and some don’t.) So when we talked about party stuff a few weeks ago, he decided that he wanted a Spiderman party. Immediately the wheels in my head starting turning. We are doing Spiderman with some of the other classic Superhero things mixed in (like the bam, pow and other art mixed in).

First order of business: invitations!


I thought about some type of web, but eventually settled on Spiderman’s head. I am really pleased with the way they turned out as well.


I printed the basic face on red paper. I originally printed it on white paper thinking I would trim around the black…well that didn’t work at all! The lines were too delicate and they just ripped. I have 4 per page which made them around a 4×6 size when finished.

I cut out the eyes from the red page. I wanted the white from the back to show through.

I printed all of the party info on white card stock. Then I glued the red head onto the white card stock (print facing out on both sheets). So instead of a half fold card it’s basically a postcard style card.

Then to finish them off I found some Spiderman stickers at the Dollar Tree to put on the envelopes.


I also found a Spiderman figurine that I am going to use on the cake!

In the next few weeks, you’ll be seeing more prep for the party so stay tuned. **I’ll tag all of the Spiderman posts with the tag Spiderman so they’ll be easy to find!**


Every Cowgirl Needs A Horse (by: Rebecca Janni)


AR Book Level: 3.0
Scholastic Book Level: N/A

Summary: Nellie Sue is celebrating her birthday and knows exactly what she wants, a horse. Every cowgirl needs one of course. She got something for her birthday she didn’t expect though…

Review: This is a very cute book with bright colorful illustrations. Nellie Sue’s imagination brings the story to life. We read this story over and over again. We loved it!

On Rebecca Janni’s website she has tons of fun coloring and activity sheets to go with the book.

Taking care of a horse is a bug responsibility. Over at Yahoo Kids there are links to all sorts of great informational sites!

Since Nellie Sue gets a bike instead of a horse it makes since that after reading you might want to review these safety tips.

A Birthday Piñata…{no paper mâché required!}

B’s party is tomorrow afternoon and she wanted a piñata to bust. I couldn’t come to grips with spending 20 or 30 dollars on a piñata that I would still have to fill with 20 to 30 dollars worth of candy…that’s just ridiculous. So I decided we make our own!

So we went to the grocery store and got paper shopping bags; the dollar store for cheap prizes to put in; and a box store for discounted after-holiday sale candy!

• 2 paper bags (we doubled it for sturdiness but I don’t think you really need to)
• filler {candy, prizes, and confetti}
• tissue paper (I used four colors but you could just one or as many as you want to)
• masking tape
• dowel rod
• stapler and staples
• ruler and pencil {optional} (I didn’t use them this time but I might the next time…might)

Step One: Double bag your shopping bags.

Step Two: Fill it up! We used cut strips of old used wrapping paper instead of confetti because we had it from another project, then we layered candy and prizes, then another layer of paper.

Step Three: Determine coverage. I covered the whole bag, all the way around but you could just cover the front. (my bag had writing on it and I wanted to cover it all)

Step Four: Cut tissue paper. I measured against the longest section of the bag, multiplied by four and used that to cover one side and one long front/back section. You can make it longer or shorter depending on ruffle.

Step Five: Ruffle and tape down with masking tape.

Step Six: Keep stacking and taping! Approximately 4-6 inches from the top of the bag stop adding rows.

Step Seven: Fold the bag top down and staple lip. Make sure that you don’t staple it too tightly.

Step Eight: Slide dowel rod through the fold. You will use the dowel to hang it.

Step Nine: Add a few more rows of ruffles.

Step Ten: Attach a picture to the front of your piñata if you want.

Next time, I might use a ruler and mark where my rows should go so that they will be more even but maybe not. And I will be covering the top areas that don’t have ruffles with a couple pieces of colored duct tape that I will be borrowing from my mom tomorrow. But that’s not necessary but would give a more finished look to it.

Best of luck with your piñata making!

Birthday traditions we started this year!!

We had so much fun Tuesday! And we started some awesome new traditions that we WILL carry on for years!

Before B got up, I decorated the dining room entrance with some hanging balloons so that when she came down they welcomed here! It took all of ten minutes to blow up, hang the balloons and then destatic them. They were sticking to everybody and everything. So we hairsprayed them!


When she woke up I greeted her and with a felt birthday crown. I got the pattern from Skip To My Lou but changed it up a bit by not having the number and trimming the edges with pinking shears after sewing. I have to admit mine was not perfect but I did whip it up in 30 minutes! (on Monday night…) I plan to embellish it and I may even redo it so that it looks more polished!


The next surprise and new tradition was breakfast. I made Cake Batter Pancakes from a recipe I found on How Sweet It Is and bacon that I folded into heart shapes. I baked them in the oven so that they would hold their shape. We put a candle in the pancakes and she was able to blow out her #4 candle!


After breakfast, we let her open a few of her birthday presents. She’ll still have presents on her birthday from us but we wanted her to have something on her birthday!


On their fourth birthday and every year after that I had already been planning to do a birthday interview, and B had a very cute one! I used a couple of different websites for questions but you could potentially just write all of your own. I used questions from Great Jen Creations and The Domestic Blog.

I videotaped her so in following years we could watch it and see how different her answers are and how big she has gotten. A couple if my favorite questions and answers were:

What do you want to be when you grow up? A mommy.

Do you think you’ll get married? No.

How will you have babies if you don’t get married? Well, I think brother will be a good daddy! (that’s sweet when their four and will probably embarrass her later on in life!)

After lunch, we headed to an indoor jump house! That was so much fun for B and fairly cheap!


We meet Daddy for dinner before heading home where the wait staff sang to her and she got a free dessert. She shared with all of us, which made my heart melt. I’m glad she has learned that sharing is nice! (and not just for the dessert!)

What are some of your birthday traditions?