{Recipe} Guacamole

Guacamole from a jar is kind of gross in my opinion but I love it so of course that means homemade guacamole was a necessary recipe for my recipe book. Luckily I didn’t need to look far! My wonderful mother-in-law makes the most delicious guacamole and was gracious enough to share it with me!

Now sadly I don’t have any great photos of the final guacamole because we all dove in to the bowl as soon as it was ready to hit the table but I’ve got a semi fuzzy one. But trust me, it may not look great but it’s delicious!

■ 6 Avocados
■ 1/2 Onion
■ 1 large Tomato or 2 medium Tomatoes
■ 1 Lemon
■  Lawry’s Seasoning Salt
■ Black Pepper


1. Put all the avocado “guts” in a bowl and mash.

2. Chop the onion and tomato. Add to the avocado.


3. Juice the lemon into the veggies. Add the Lawry’s Seasoning Salt. (This is based on taste preferences.)
*If you add too much, you can add more tomatoes to absorb some of the seasoning salt.*



If you want to kick the flavor up a notch, you can add some jalapeño pepper and roasted corn.

I’ve also tried the pit in the guacamole trick so it wouldn’t brown but had no success, I still haven’t mastered that.



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