Pinwheel Wreath {June 2014}


This wreath was actually just an update to a previous wreath I had made. Sometimes you can simply add to a wreath and achieve a whole new look! This update took me about 15 minutes to do.

You could easily add pinwheels to one of those raffia style wreaths just as quick as I updated this wreath if you don’t have a simple wreath you want to add too.

Felt (I used 4 colors out of my stash. I did double layer pinwheels. If you do single layer ones you could do it with 2 colors.)
Quilting pins
Wreath (one to update or a raffia wreath)
Ribbon (for hanging)
Lighter or Fray Check


Cut two squares of the same size for each pinwheel.

Starting at each corner, cut towards the center of the square stopping between an inch and a half inch from the middle of the square. Cut each corner.

I cut the first square and then stack the squares and cut the second square. I find it easier.


Lay your squares onto the wreath in the place you want it to be when completed.

Fold up one flap and pin in the center.

Go to the next cut and repeat folding and pinning. You will do this at each cut.

Place an extra pin (or two) in the last flap. You can cover them with a button (by hot glue) if you wish but I didn’t. The pin heads are small and not very noticeable.


I cut two different sizes and clustered them together.


Cut a length of ribbon (3-5 feet). Double it and slide it under the wreath bringing the loop to the front. Through the hole slide the loose ends of the ribbon. Pull tight. You can secure the ribbon with pins at the back of the wreath if you want so it doesn’t slip around.


Knot about 8-10 inches above wreath. Hang over hook and tie bow underneath the hook so it will hang securely. (My bow is not very pretty. I haven’t mastered bow tying!)


Stand back and enjoy!  A lovely but simple wreath!



Balloon Birthday Wreath

Two years ago, I made a balloon wreath. It was really cute and took me HOURS to make. Since I wrote a tutorial the first time around I won’t rewrite the whole thing.

You need a wire wreath form, balloons and a movie or two. The wreath form I used was a 4 wire 12″ wreath form. You can use a 2 wire form as well. I don’t suggest any bigger than a 12″ form though. It will take you FOREVER!! Believe me! It’s two years later and I still remember how many hours I sat tying balloons!

Follow this link to find the original tutorial!


I think it still looks pretty cute hanging up on the front door for Brother’s 3rd Birthday!


January Wreath: Tulle Snowman Wreath

This wreath was inspired by this cute pin I saw on Pinterest. Sadly any time I saw the wreath the pin went to a spam page rather than a tutorial or something. So I decided to recreate my own wreath.

I decided to take apart a wreath I had put up last year. I wasn’t too terribly fond of the wreath but by the time I got it finished it was do or die time, so it had to be hung. I took it apart and then was able to use the form for this wreath! Because I got the wreath form last year I’m not sure how big it is either.

Tulle Snowman Wreath
Supplies needed:
• wire wreath form (with at least two rings–mine has four)
• tulle in blue and white (you’ll need a lot more tulle than you realize! I used almost 6 yards of white and 4 yards of blue)
• scissors
• snowmen ornaments (I got two packages for 75% off after Christmas!)

1) Cut your tulle! I have no idea what size I cut the pieces I do know that the blue pieces were 2/3’s the size of the white so that the white sticks out under the blue.

2) Begin “tying” the tulle onto the wreath. I put the blue over the upper two wires and the white on the bottom two wires. Check the pictures out below!





3) Cover the whole wreath form. Check out my sweet helper!

I had originally planned to zip-tie the snowmen ornaments over the crossbars that hold the wires in place but then decided to just hang a few snowman across the middle with a piece of tulle. Adding the snowman is a completely decorative extra step that you could skip if you like.

Here it is completed!

A St. Patrick’s Day Wreath….that glitters!!

St. Patrick’s Day is in 4 days….

I’m not much into the holiday really but I LOVE GREEN!!! It’s my most favorite color! So I had to do something….

So I made a wreath…because that’s what I do….

a wooden wreath form
(the only before picture I have, how cute is she though!)
(I used a sheet of plain and a sheet of glitter, to add color)
hot glue and gun
shamrock pattern (I used a clip-art pattern in two different sizes)

Step One: draw shamrocks onto foam and cut out

Step Two: hot glue them onto your wreath form (I suggest a dry run first and I didn’t hot glue the glitter ones because they had sticky backs)

Step Three: hang that beautiful wreath of green!!

This was so simple and turned out so cute!!

Normally this would be a shining beacon in a cold dreary winter but since it’s 80 degrees outside, not so much this year. It’s still pretty and shiny though!!!

A Birthday Wreath!

My beautiful B will be 4 years old on Tuesday! It a sad and happy time for me as I watch my beautiful girl grow up. I am excited for each passing moment but sad of how quickly the time has passed.

We are having her party this coming weekend so this week we’ll have some birthday themed posts!

Today is a fun birthday wreath we put together for our front door! We’ll leave it up all week {and maybe next week since its so darn cute!}

Start with balloons and a wreath form. You need to be able to tie your balloons so make sure it’s an open wire form!


Tie the balloons on. Depending on size it takes anywhere from 50-75 balloons per section on a 12 inch form like the four wire form I used.

I think it turned out great! It cost around $15 with the form and the balloons but I didn’t use nearly all of the balloons I purchased so they can be used for her birthday morning surprises and her party!

My Valentine’s Wreath…

I think I already said this in a previous post, but if not, let me say it here…I love wreaths! I think they are so welcoming on the front door! So, of course, I had to make a Valentine’s Day wreath!!

I wanted to make a ribbon wreath but didn’t want to spend half of my life doing it or half of my hubby’s paycheck (I priced the cost of a few ribbon wreaths following their guidelines and they were almost $50 a piece to make…ouch…). So I came up with a wreath on the cheap. It cost me less than fifteen dollars total and could easily be taken apart and the parts reused later.

One step that I didn’t get a picture of was the placing of the glitter ribbon over the ridges in the frame. I put a small piece across the wire and hot glued. This really did not turn out like I was hoping but with only a few weeks left until Valentine’s I felt I just had to go with it.

A Recycled Wreath…

I am all about wreaths! I love a wreath on the door of a home. It just seems so welcome and inviting, however I have never hung a wreath on my front door other than during the Christmas season of 2010 (and it fell off because of wind and weight…oops….). But this year I was determined to hang a wreath!

My original thought was to simply hang a wreath that matches the upcoming holiday but the time between New Year’s and Valentine’s is simply too long to hang a Valentine’s wreath (at least in my opinion). So I made a fun, anytime wreath, and I recycled.

My wreath is made from an old hanger and plastic shopping bags. (If you want to make this craft, you will also need a pair of scissors!)

You need to cut the bottom off of the bag, as well as the handles. Then you will cut off the decorative store panel (the words). You should have a rectangular shape at this point. Then you will cut the rectangle into strips. (I just kept folding and cutting until I got them cut into 1 1/2 to 2 inch strips. They were around 4-5 inches long.

Bend the hanger into the best circle you can make. As you can tell, mine is definitely not completely round!

Begin tying your strips onto the hanger.

Fluff and shift some of the strips. If you don’t shift and fluff, you will have a knot seam. At this point you could add embellishment if you wanted to or you could simply hang it, like I did!!

Do you think it needs a bow?

p.s. I plan to paint the door this summer, any suggestions…