Spring Cleaning Time!

Spring Cleaning in olden days was absolutely necessary to get rid of the winter grime, dirt and dust. Nowadays most of us don’t burn wood in our homes so we don’t have quite the same type of mess.

This sign hangs in the bathroom of our local cafe and I think it is absolutely hilarious. I have to say that I do disagree though. I think a good cleaning can relieve stress and revitalize a person making them much prettier! Over at GetButtonedUp, they have a really great article called 37 Reasons To Love A Good Spring Clean that shares some fun reasons and some very practical reasons to clean thoroughly in Spring!

So now that you are motivated to get started you have to have a plan! At A Bowl Full of Lemons, she details how to spring clean your whole home in a week! Or if you would rather spread your spring cleaning over a month Money Saving Mom, Crystal is outlining a month project to spring clean!

I haven’t decided yet which method I plan to use, finishing in a week sounds great but with two kids maybe a bit improbable…

Have you started spring cleaning? What method do you use: fast and furious or slow and steady?


One thought on “Spring Cleaning Time!

  1. Slow and steady! I’d rather do it and get it over with, but there are too many beings here for that to be possible. It’s taken me a month but I’ve loaded an entire pick-up truck with clutter to donate…if only I were done!

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