Container Planting Tips

There is a Mennonite community fairly close to my home (within 30 miles) so I am able to get some beautiful produce and plants for very reasonable prices! They also hold an auction where they sell produce and plants. It’s fun just to go to the auction but it’s a great place to get deals. My mom and I always go together because when you purchase from the auction you are getting larger quantities. We got strawberries last week and after splitting them we still each had 8 quarts!

I got a great deal on some daisies and a couple of hanging plants as well this last week. I needed to transplant the daisies so I grabbed some boxes I had from past plantings and a large tub that we had.


The boxes had a hole in the center, while this is great for drainage it’s also a place where dirt can seep through. An easy fix is to place 2-4 coffee filters over the hole. They are still light enough water can run through if necessary but they will hold the dirt in.

A great filler so you don’t have to use as much dirt is pine cones. I broke them up since my boxes were shallow but I added at least a dozen. They also aid in keeping the soil loose which gives better oxygen to the roots.




I also used a large tub (10 or 15 gallon). To fill that with dirt would make it heavy but would also be expensive!


I layered in pine cones (I know that picture is from the small box but same concept) and then I layered in newspapers. I repeated this until I was less than a foot from the top. Eventually you will experience some settling but by that point your flowers should be prospering and expanding so you won’t notice it!


I then add a layer of hay to the top. I water in the hay so that I can water at any time of day with worrying about the roots burning. My daughter (6) took all the pictures for this post. I think they are pretty awesome!


What are you planting?



Garden Journal, Who Has One?


Tomorrow I am going to post how to make a garden journal and some of the various things I keep but today I’m wondering who has a garden journal? What do you keep in it? Do you find it beneficial year to year?

Now some of you out there are thinking what is this crazy woman talking about! It’s January, 22 degrees outside and no where near time to be thinking about the garden but…you’re wrong! I’ve already bought dirt and seeds this year which I’ll talk about later this week!! So who’s ready to get in the garden? Who is looking forward to a little dirt under their nails?

Garden prep…

This week in Missouri the weather is ranging from mid-40s to mid-60s. What crazy weather!!

This crazy weather inspires me to begin gardening and the first step is to determine what I plan to grow. I stick with pretty basic stuff so we’re planning to plant green beans, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, celery, corn, cucumbers, lettuce, onions, snap peas, bell peppers, potatoes, squash, tomatoes, watermelons and pumpkins. We are also moving to a new garden plot this year.

I have never started seeds inside successfully but I have been doing my research this year and I plan to start everything from seed. I want to maximize our savings by growing from the cheapest form, seeds. So in an effort to start my seeds at the appropriate time I have a list of dates to start seeds indoors. I used my Ferry Morse Garden Helper and to help me determine the best dates to start.

I’m sure many of you are thinking I’m a bit crazy and possibly being a bit over-zealous here but there are five items on my crop list that need to be started in February! And I also plan to try planting an early crop of peas, carrots, lettuce, and onions if the weather stays mild.

Do any of you garden? Do you have any tips?