Life in the slow lane…

This weekend (Monday and part of today), the kids and I enjoyed time at my parents dairy farm while my husband worked a 48 hour shift. The kids watched my Dad pull a calf while we were there (a first for both of them).

At my parents there is little to no cell phone service (but there is wifi) so I can really unplug and not feel bad.

Sometimes I think about how wired we are and I worry for my children. Will they know how to sit in a room full of people and have a conversation? Will they have true friends not just social media buddies?

I think we all need to take a few minutes and shut off our phones, tablets, and computers so that we can just spend a little time together. Focusing on nothing else other than those around us. Building honest relationships, meaningful relationships with those we truly love and cherish.

Unplug for a few minutes each day or a few hours each day and live life! Love those in front of you! Have a non – Facebook friend!



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