{Recipe} Tart Summer Salad

Last summer, I was introduced to a marinated cucumber and tomato salad. Basically you dump a bottle of Italian dressing over the cucumbers and tomatoes and served it cold. Simple but it didn’t last very long in the fridge and it was kind of expensive to make considering it took an entire bottle of dressing. So I went searching for something different.


Tart Summer Salad
(loosely adapted from Lifting Revolution)

■ 1 cucumber, chopped
■ 1 tomato, chopped
■ 1/2 onion, chopped
■ 1 tsp dill weed
■ 1/2 cup vinegar
■ 1 tsp sea salt
■ 1/2 T honey
■ 2 T olive oil

This recipe will fill a large (1 L) Mason jar. You can use a different style container but it needs to have a tight sealing lid. You also need a smaller jar to use for mixing while your building your salad.


Place the dill in the bottom of the jar.  Put your cucumber into the bottom of the jar.


Layer with the onion and tomato. Pack it down, not to tight but push it in.


Time for the juice. Put your honey, vinegar, oil, and sea salt into a separate jar and shake. You want it well incorporated before you go any further.


Pour it slowly into your other jar. If you pour too quickly, it will splash out.


Refrigerate. (I made 2 for a family gathering, doubled the recipe)  I turn them a couple of times before serving them. I don’t know that it’s necessary but I do it! You’ll want to refrigerate for at least an hour before serving but it will last up to a week even after you start eating out of the jar.


How delicious does that look? It’s super easy and delicious!

It’s great as an easy to take side on picnics too! A pint size jar is the perfect serving size for 2 people. I also cut up a chicken breast and tossed it into my salad one day in a hurry and it was delish!

Make it! Share it! Enjoy it!



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