I’m being the best ME, I can be!

As a society, we are constantly comparing ourselves to others. Magazines air brush photos to touch people up so that they look closer to perfection. Plastic surgery is big business with over 600,000 surgeries for breast augmentation and liposuction just among women in 2013. (source)

Not only do we compare ourselves as women but we also compare ourselves as moms. Have you ever looked at another woman and thought “how did she lose all that baby weight so fast?” or “how does she keep her house so clean and manage her kids?” or “how does she get her kids in bed by 8:30 when I barely get mine asleep by 10?”

I know I have thought some of those thoughts. I’ve also silently praised myself at times because I knew I was accomplishing something that other moms might be envious of.

A friend of mine came over with her son the other day and our boys played together. We talked about bedtime struggles along with various other things. She expressed her frustrations that she couldn’t seem to master some “general” parenting things other friends on her Facebook seemed to be pros at. My explanation to her was “they’re liars.” None of us have it all together.

**My middle son, Brother, will turn 3 on Saturday. He’s not potty trained, at all.

**My house is a wreck probably 50% of the time, if not more.

**I am 50 lbs overweight.

**I hate doing laundry and it’s always piled everywhere.

**I yell at my kids sometimes.

**I use PBS as a babysitter some days (I even sit my youngest in front of it every now and again).

I’m not perfect as a person, parent or homemaker. I will never be perfect. And I’m okay with that.

Accept who you are. Stop comparing yourself to others.

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