Thursday is Trash Day: Cleaning Routine

Sorry this post is being posted so late in the day. We had field day today at school (PTO run) so I have been busy!

Even on my busiest days my home still needs to run effectively.


I use a cleaning calendar to keep me up on my cleaning. I use the Motivated Mom’s Chore Planner . I actually have the app on my phone then I write it onto post – it notes for my planner.

This is the system that works for me but I’m sure different people prefer different systems. There are tons of free printable cleaning calendars available out there or you can create your own. But keeping a cleaning schedule can make a world of difference! 

Daily cleaning can make a big difference when organizing and decluttering your home. For example, you won’t keep 7 half empty tubes of toothpaste if you wipe down the bathroom sink everyday. So when you decide to declutter the bathroom, you won’t have as much to do if you clean it each day.

Do you have a cleaning system or calendar you use?



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