My Post – It Note Planner

Back in my college days, I had practicum with a wonderful teacher named Mrs. Mulkey. She had a great presence in the classroom and taught me a great deal about teaching as well as life. One thing that fascinated me when I first started, was that she didn’t utilize the traditional planner in the traditional way. Instead she used post – it notes so that way she could easily move and change lessons due to weather, delays, assemblies or whatever it might be.

This planner always stayed in the back of my mind. I used a similar idea my last few years in college when I would write my upcoming assignments and readings on sticky notes and put them on the front of my textbooks. But I had never used them as a planner, simply because I wasn’t planning out my day like I would plan out lessons. Then it occurred to me how I could utilize this method in an everyday, at home method that would work for me. Enter the Post – It Note Planner!


Gather your supplies! I bought a single notebook (grid style pages), tabs, post it notes (I had the pictured size as well as two others that I am using), washi tape, a Sharpie, a glue stick, and some washi tape. You really don’t have to have all of those supplies but if you would like to replicate mine that’s what I used.


Initially you need to decide what categories you’ll have then you’ll begin making your squares. That’s part of the reason I bought a grid style notebook. I am a little OCD about things being square so the grids really help.

I marked my squares initially in pencil then I outlined my boxes in crayon. The color of crayon for the 3×3 post it notes are coordinating.


Label away. I have a 2 page spread for each day. On the left, I have a section for Chores, What’s for Dinner?, and Get in the Word. On the right, I have a section for Upcoming Events, Do Now…, and Do Soon…. This is where the Washi Tape came in. I decorated a bit just for fun but not really necessary.


For my chore list, I preprinted my basic daily list on my post it notes and then I write out my daily items that change.


I simply write out my information/lists on my post it notes and then stick them in the right holes. When I flip to the next day, I can simply move my sticky note. Upcoming events I move daily until I pass one or two events on the note then I make a new one. Eventually my do now list gets finished and I can put my do soon list in that spot or I rewrite new lists.

So far I love my planner.


I also have a What’s for Dinner? section on each page and a menu planning page at the beginning of my planner. I’ll share next week how I use that!

Any questions? Ask away!



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