{Tutorial} Spiderman Birthday Invitations

Brother has become fascinated with superheros, which makes sense since he will be 3 over Memorial Day Weekend. He also really loves Spiderman. (Some people consider him a superhero and some don’t.) So when we talked about party stuff a few weeks ago, he decided that he wanted a Spiderman party. Immediately the wheels in my head starting turning. We are doing Spiderman with some of the other classic Superhero things mixed in (like the bam, pow and other art mixed in).

First order of business: invitations!


I thought about some type of web, but eventually settled on Spiderman’s head. I am really pleased with the way they turned out as well.


I printed the basic face on red paper. I originally printed it on white paper thinking I would trim around the black…well that didn’t work at all! The lines were too delicate and they just ripped. I have 4 per page which made them around a 4×6 size when finished.

I cut out the eyes from the red page. I wanted the white from the back to show through.

I printed all of the party info on white card stock. Then I glued the red head onto the white card stock (print facing out on both sheets). So instead of a half fold card it’s basically a postcard style card.

Then to finish them off I found some Spiderman stickers at the Dollar Tree to put on the envelopes.


I also found a Spiderman figurine that I am going to use on the cake!

In the next few weeks, you’ll be seeing more prep for the party so stay tuned. **I’ll tag all of the Spiderman posts with the tag Spiderman so they’ll be easy to find!**



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