Cleaning a Burnt Pan


In the last month I have burnt 2 pans. One with brown rice (I even followed the packaged directions…) and one with kidney beans. I am not good at the simple things sometimes.

So I turned to my wonderful Grandmother! I called her up and explained my predicament and she immediately offered up advice. I love that lady like you wouldn’t believe. I can always call her in a pinch and she knows how to fix my cooking dilemmas.


Start with vinegar and water. Place enough vinegar in the pan to completely cover the burn. This pot has burn running up the sides of it so I added a little more than I would have if it was just the flat bottom of the pan. Add in about a cup of water. Place on stove over medium heat.


When it’s running at a slow rolling boil get your baking soda ready. I poured it into another container then poured from there. That’s a preference thing. Take your pot off of the heat and slowly add in the baking soda. Remember it’s going to begin bubbling.


Begin scrubbing with a washcloth or sponge. You can use a scrubber tool if you have one. I used a washcloth that has a scrubber side. You still have to put some elbow grease into it but it’s a lot easier than if you don’t use something first to loosen the burn.

Also just so everyone knows, the gas caused by vinegar and baking soda is much heavier than air so if you fill balloons with that gas they will drop to the floor like lead balloons not float. Definitely not a replacement for helium like you randomly see in those pins on Pinterest. Just thought I’d share.


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