Thursday is Trash Day: The Minivan of Gross


This week I tackled…the minivan…duh, duh, duh! The van is like our home away from home and it’s definitely been a mess. I don’t routinely clean it out like I should in the winter because of the cold weather. Then in the spring it seems like it starts raining every time I get started. So it’s probably not been cleaned, like really cleaned for (cough, cough) at least 10 months…. Forgive me when you see the before pictures.


I know it’s rough! I honestly had not realized how bad it was before I started snapping photos.

My staging area was the driveway next to the car. Prime real estate!


I took everything out of the car, even the car seats. It was a little gross under those seats but nothing compared to this find:


I have no idea when I even bought pears recently. Whoops! 

The smell definitely improved after I chucked that sucker in the garbage.


Everything is out and I’m ready to vacuum. While we had the car all cleared out we vacuumed the seats and the floor plus cleaned all the windows (Inside and out), and wiped down all the hard interior surfaces. It’s looking nice!


I really went through the car pile with a critical eye. I wanted to make sure it was necessary if it was going to go back in the car. In my trunk I have the single stroller and jumper cables. Then in the front I have some general care and health items. I also have the car seat pillows in the back seat, otherwise the car is pretty empty.


This is one item that didn’t make it back in the car. It was a center console that wasn’t built into the car. Basically it was a piling station. The top left is the before and the lower left is the after. I’m pretty excited to not have that mess in there. I am thinking that will be a great spot to stick the diaper bag when we hop in the car.

I am very happy with the way it worked out and how nice it’s looking. Sadly as I pulled in from school pickup the wheel barring went out in the front passenger side and so now it’s in the shop but such is life. Right?



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