Teacher Appreciation Gift Bags

I am the VP of our schools PTO. This is my first year in this position and it’s actually the inaugural year of our new PTO. They used to have PTO a few years back but for some reason it went by the way side. But now it’s back and better than ever, at least in my opinion!

Since this our first year, we are still learning as we go. We’ve definitely got some great notes of things to do or not do next year! One of the things we almost missed was Teacher Appreciation Week. It’s one of those things we knew about but just kind of forgot to plan for. So last weekend in an emergency officer’s meeting, we gathered together and decided we’d put together gift bags. Our president ran and picked up the goodies then I wrote the poem and packed the bags. Each teacher will receive a bag today at the luncheon.

I put them together in one evening so the pictures are a little dark but it’s pretty self explanatory.


We gave each teacher a hand sanitizer (we had manly scented ones for our male teachers), a highlighter, a Sharpie, a post it note pad, some mints and our poem. Which reads: A “note” to let you know how much we appreciate you: You “light” each day as you lend a “hand” to make our kids “sharp”. We know you were “mint” to be a teacher. Thanks for all you do, your PTO.

We stuffed it all in clear bags and tied them with ribbon. Bath and Body Works donated all the bags and ribbon since we spent so much and explained what they were for. Each time we do a project like this we always ask for some type of small donation if we make a large purchase somewhere.


It didn’t take too long to whip out 50 of them.


Ready to go!!

These are fairly low cost as well. We were able to get 18 counts of post it notes for $10 a pkg (sale price, normally $22), Sharpie 12 counts for $7 a pkg, highlighters for $12 a pkg, a bag of 300 or so mints for $10, and hand sanitizer for $1 each. So we made each bag for less than $3 per bag. These would be easy to replicate if you work in an office or have a home office on a smaller scale too!

Are you doing anything for your child’s teacher or are you doing something for a bunch of teachers? Share!!



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