Hand – Eye Coordination via Board Games


We see kids today operating cell phones, swiping screens, playing games and working those tiny fingers as fast as they can. The problem is that sometimes those same kids have a real issue with hands on work. They don’t have good fine motor skills or their hand and eye coordination is off.

Most think that you need to have fancy equipment to improve hand – eye coordination but you don’t. We have been playing board games to help Brother with fine motor hand – eye coordination. Some great games are the one pictured above (the fish pop up and down and you have to catch them) as well as an elephant game (butterflies blow up the trunk and you catch them with nets). Sister needs help with her gross motor coordination so we throw a baseball around, bats at the ball, and we play volleyball.

Working on coordination can be extremely cheap and easy. You have things in your home, that will assist in the aiding of these skills. So put down the electronics and play a good old fashioned game.


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