{Tutorial} Junk Chair to Beautiful Planter

Today is my mother-in-law’s birthday and she had a project that she had “hinted” about wanting completed as a gift. She was out of town over the weekend so we spent that time fixing her planter and planting beds in front of her house. I think it all turned out great!


I’m not sure where she found this chair but it’s a basic wooden chair. Chairs of different style would work as long as it has no seat area present and the rungs around the legs.

   (for chair) chair, chicken wire, wire cutters, staples and staple gun
   (for planter) peat bowl, staples and staple gun, soil, flowers, gardening tools


1. Determine how large your wire needs to be to fit inside the chair base. You are going to roll it over the rungs of the chair so account for that and you will also be placing in on the second set of rungs (we had three sets of rungs so for ours it was the middle rungs).

2. Bend into shape, forming a bowl shape with a lower middle and then rolling over the edges of the rungs.

3. Bend in any sharp edges or file off. You don’t want to snag or scrap your leg while working in your planter.

4. Staple the wire to the chair. I had my Hubby do it for me!


5. Place your peat bowl into your chair. Staple in. (We stapled it in for stronger stability but you don’t have to.)

6. Plant! Remember heights when planting (ie taller growers in back and shorter growers in front)


I love how it turned out and I also planted the bed in front of her porch. The whole thing took us about 3 hours to complete (most of that time was spent planting and digging). Now I need to desperately work on my own yard and flower beds.

Have you planted anything yet? Garden wise or flowers?


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