Breastfeeding….teeth and all

My sweet Little Man will be 8 months old in one week. It’s so hard to believe! My baby is preparing to crawl soon and has begun to utter those first sweet words.

I am a breastfeeding momma! I love nursing my babies and I encourage others to breastfeed. (Now I don’t plan to throw a bunch of facts and figures at you. If you want to breastfeed, do it. If you want to formula feed, do it. No judgement here!)

We practice child led weaning. Sister weaned at 19 months, Brother weaned at 20 months and of course Little Man is still nursing.

Little Man has two bottom teeth. He’s got more coming in but we are holding at 2 right now. Breastfeeding after teeth is not much different than breastfeeding before teeth. I will share some strategies though to keep biting to a minimum.

Don’t bite me!

1. Don’t nurse baby when they are extremely tired or cranky. I’ve found that tired baby can be looking for a chew toy and cranky baby bites because they are expressing their frustration.

2. Be ready to respond when baby bites. Either remove nipple or flick baby’s check. The key here is to react immediately. That way they know the offending act was the bite.

3. Let baby bite other things. Give them things they can chew so that they are able to bite things other than you.

4. Talk to them! I know this one might seem odd but if you talk to your little one telling them that if they bite they can’t nurse it will make a difference.

I’m sure that there may be other strategies but I have found these successful and I nurse babies longer with teeth than without so I feel like an expert. (I’m not really but don’t burst my bubble!)

Best of luck nursing momma!

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