Thursday is Trash Day: my son, the hoarder!

Today is trash day. Every Thursday (that we’re home), when the truck rolls in Brother runs to the window. He watches the garbage man set up the dump system, lift and lower the dumpster, compact the trash, and drive away. Then Brother cries and blubbers about how he wants his trash back.

My son will be a hoarder.

Have you seen an episode of Hoarders? We don’t have cable (gasp!) but we do stream Netflix so we can watch old episodes that are available. I can’t even fathom how people can let their homes become so nasty and then I watch my son cry because the garbage man is taking our trash away.

I am definitely not a minimalist by any means but I am trying to keep the clutter at bay. But it does worry me to think about what my son’s tendencies might be as he gets older. So in an effort to discourage the “keep it all and have a lot” mentality I am working on cleaning, organizing and eliminating the unnecessary things we have cluttering up our home. I don’t plan to be on the opposite end of the spectrum either where people throw everything away because they don’t want anything. I’m hoping to find a balance: not too much, not to little.

I am definitely a beginner when it comes to this but I thought you all might enjoy following along with me. Each Thursday, we’ll talk about strategies to clean areas of the home, organization tips, decluttering tips, selling items you don’t want or need, as well as other topics.

So join me each week for my Thursday is Trash Day series.



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