A Gift from the Heart & Jesus on Trial: Easter Advent Day 3


Today we gave the kids Easter baskets from us. We also searched for eggs and had a great time in not too chilly of weather. The rabbits, pictured above, were the main part of our basket. I made these using Simplicity pattern 9524. I did make 3 but couldn’t wrangle away Little Man’s without causing a screaming fit. The older kids have been hauling their bunnies around since they got them so I would say it was a success.

I did make an adjustment to the pattern step that I’ll share. On the pink bunny I followed the pattern directions but didn’t like how the toe turned out, so on the boys bunnies I sewed all the darts before attaching fronts to backs. I lined them up when attaching and they turned out much better than the pink in my opinion.

This project was really important to me because I have never completed the quilts I always thought I would make for the kids when they were born. I always thought I would sew together a keepsake quilt that they would then cherish for the rest of time. So far 0 of 3 have a quilt but now they all have a special stuffed animal made by mommy. It took just a little over an hour per bunny to sew and stuff. The hand stitching the hole closed probably took 20 to 30 minutes per bunny because I wanted to make sure the seam was invisible.

Today our reading was about Jesus on trial before Pilate. We talked about listening to our conscious and doing what we know is right. We also talked about how Jesus was innocent of all sin. Sister finally has a concept of sin whereas Brother still doesn’t. She’s beginning to ask questions about salvation, which is very exciting but also a nervous time for us. We want to guide her in the right way but we don’t want to push her. She has the head knowledge but she needs to make a heart decision so we are fervently praying for her.

I hope that this week has been a blessing to you as much as we’ve been blessed during this Easter Advent. We have a few more days to go but I hope that the things we learn now never leaves us.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
John 3:16


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