Tissue Paper Crafts and Jesus in the Garden: Easter Advent Day 4

Today was a gorgeous day but still chilly in the wind. The kids went out and picked a bouquet of flowers that we used to adorn our dining room table. It was a great lead in to our Bible reading tonight. We read about Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane and the Peter’s denial.


We also did some more crafts with tissue paper. Tissue paper crafts are fun and fairly cheap so they are great crafts on a budget.

Craft 1: Chicks


Only 1 chick ended up having feet but they turned out pretty dang cute. Sister did the top two, Brother the bottom left and mine is the bottom right.

We followed the tutorial over at that artist woman. We used buttons for the eyes because I couldn’t find our googly eyes. When we put the new flooring in a few weeks ago we packed up all of my craft stuff and I don’t have it all sorted back through yet.

Craft 2: Flowers


I didn’t take pictures along the way but this is a pretty basic tissue paper craft that most people have completed but I’ll give you a quick run down.

Cut your tissue paper into equal size squares or rectangles. Stack. Fold along one edge accordion style (back and forth) until you’ve folded it all. Tie the center off. Trim edges to create a different effect. Spread and fluff.

If anyone wants a detailed (picture) tutorial let me know. I am making some more flowers again for a backdrop. I love them! They are versatile, can be done in any color, and they are cheap (so you can throw them away at the end of the day and not feel bad!)


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