Thumbprint Cards and Jesus Washes the Disciples Feet: Easter Advent Day 5


These are tons of fun to make! I first saw these over at Inner Child Fun where they used an ink pad. I didn’t have an ink pad but I did have paint! So we changed it up a bit and created our own thumbprint cards.


Supplies: wrapping paper (anything you can put on your floor or table to protect it), aprons or art smocks, wet wipes, paints, and cards (I made these in word with clip art and basic text)


1. Roll out the wrapping paper to protect your work surface. If you work on the non pretty side you can still use the wrapping paper for wrapping. (At least I do!) Open up those paints and get ready to work.


2. Press your finger into the paint and begin placing “eggs” in the basket.


3. Wipe your fingers with a wet wipe in between color changes.

4. Create! Brother went a little crazy with the paint so he doesn’t have too many “eggs” in his basket.


5. This is optional but Sister wanted to paint her basket and the ribbon. She made it look really beautiful!


They were mostly dry before we even finished but we left them laying out so that they would be very dry before folding and getting ready for delivery.


For our Bible reading, we read about Jesus washing the feet of his disciples. We always try to trim nails on Tuesday nights so this worked well with that too. Sister also read us a story from The First Step Bible. I love that she can read to us from a kid’s Bible that even though it’s very shortened stories and only a small selection, it is Biblical accurate.



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