Sun Catcher Eggs and The Last Supper: Easter Advent Day 6


Today it snowed. Two days ago we got sunburns. The weather here is nuts, so you can’t see how pretty the eggs truly are hanging in the window.

This is a really easy project that even the littlest ones can do. Brother loved piling on the tissue paper! Sister made the little eggs that have a different colored center!

Supplies: contact paper, tissue paper (cut into squares), scissors,  tape (to hang them in the window with or you could use a hole punch and string/thread)


Step One: cut out your contact paper
Step Two: lay out you tissue paper onto the sticky surface of the contact paper
Step Three: cover with another piece of contact paper creating a tissue paper sandwich between the sticky layers
Step Four: cut into an egg shape for hanging

Then we read about the Passover meal (the last supper). Sister recalled the communion portion because we took the Lord’s Supper at church on Sunday. We also went back and read a little about Moses and why they had the Passover in the first place.  



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