Rain, rain, came today…and changed our plans: Easter Advent Day 7

Today, it rained and changed our plans. We were going to hunt Easter eggs and pick Easter lilies but that didn’t happen. So we’ll do that another day!

Since I don’t have an activity to share I thought I would share about the Bible storybook we use with our kids. Sister is 6, Brother is 2 (next month 3), and Little Man is 7 months. We read from our Bibles directly at times especially when quoting specific verses but we love the format of our Bible storybook for reading nightly.


We were first introduced to this Bible storybook through a wonderful site called Thinking Kids. On this wonderful site, they have a wonderful Bible Study program for you to do with your children called Bible Road Trip. Follow this link to find out all about it! 

I would highly encourage every parent to look at the Bible Road Trip!

I would also highly encourage every parent to look at 365 Great Bible Stories by Carine Mackenzie!  

Today we read about the clearing of the temple in Matthew 21 and giving to God what’s God’s and to Ceasar what’s Ceasar’s.


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