Shaving Cream Eggs and The Triumphal Entry: Easter Advent Day 8


Dying eggs can be fun but the smell of vinegar can be a little overwhelming for kids. There are tons of methods to coloring eggs, like coloring on them with markers, painting them, putting double sided tape on them and rolling them in glitter are just a few different ways. This year we entered the world of shaving cream coloring!

I have heard about this method from various webpages and know a few people who have tried it so we gave it a go and had loads of messy fun!

Side note: we used hard boiled eggs for our coloring eggs. We will eat them throughout the week since we’ll do our hunting early. I have never blown the inside out of an egg but hear that it’s kind of neat to do.

Supplies: pans, shaving cream, spatula, food coloring, skewers, hardboiled eggs,  cardboard, paper towels, egg carton


Gather your pans, shaving cream, and spatula first. Spray a layer of cream across the bottom of your pans. We just did one layer of spray using a back and forth motion. If it’s really thick, it’ll be wasted. Smooth the surface to make the next step easier.


Pick your food coloring combos for each egg. Drop dots onto your cream. We did 2 colors per dish. It gave them a nice swirled effect without becoming an awful muck color. Use your skewer to swirl. A spinning motion or back and forth works best. **At this point we had to tell Brother at multiple points not to eat the shaving cream. So you might need to do the same thing depending on the age of your little people.**


Roll the eggs through the shaving cream. This can get really messy! You may end up with stained fingers at this point! They will not look like eggs when you pull them out of the shaving cream. Lay them out on the cardboard to dry.


After a few minutes they’ll start to get little air bubble looking marks on them. (The picture on the left side.) Time to wipe them clean! Grab a paper towel and go to work. I used quite a few paper towels getting all the eggs wiped off!


Admire those beautiful masterpieces!

To complete day 8 of our Easter Advent, we read about The Triumphal Entry in Matthew. We talked about how the people where so excited to see Jesus! We use a really wonderful storybook Bible with the kids since they are all 6 and under.


Matthew 21:9

The crowds that went ahead of him and those that followed shouted,
“Hosanna to the Son of David!”
“Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!”
“Hosanna in the highest heaven!”



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