Weekly goals!

This week I though I would get tons done and then sickness overcame our household… This week we are going to be going to my folks for a day and then I may be working a day or two but I am really motivated to get some things done around here!

Review of last week’s goals…

1) Get B’s school stuff together each day. All the days we weren’t sick!
2) Get B’s party details figured out. Thank goodness!
3) Attend a birthday celebration. An 83rd birthday celebration!
4) Begin initial portion of B’s invitations. I actually got more done than I thought would! They are adorable!
5) Make Valentine’s day cards. We didn’t get started because of the kids and everybody being sick.
6) Mail family letters. I went to mail them today and then realized its Martin Luther King, Jr. Day so no mail…and I work for the Postal Service!

Home Management:
1) Get all laundry done.
2) Pack away the last few Christmas decorations. I have one little fireman snowman wreath up and the Nativity still left out.
3) Begin working on Valentine decor! I think I’ve decided what I’m putting up so now I have to make it!
4) Take pictures of yard/garden. Everybody should do this! It’s for our garden journals!!

1) Monitor my water intake.
2) Keep up with my resolutions!

1) Pick up my first paycheck in five years! Exciting!

This week’s goals:

1) Make Valentine’s day cards.
2) Mail family letters.
3) Finish B’s birthday invites.
4) Play an educational game everyday!

Home Management:
1) Get all laundry done.
2) Pack away the last few Christmas decorations.
3) Begin making Valentine decor!
4) Wintersow!
5) Add information to Garden Journal.
6) Get living room and both bathrooms rearranged and deep cleaned.

1) Read the rest of my book!

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