January Wreath: Tulle Snowman Wreath

This wreath was inspired by this cute pin I saw on Pinterest. Sadly any time I saw the wreath the pin went to a spam page rather than a tutorial or something. So I decided to recreate my own wreath.

I decided to take apart a wreath I had put up last year. I wasn’t too terribly fond of the wreath but by the time I got it finished it was do or die time, so it had to be hung. I took it apart and then was able to use the form for this wreath! Because I got the wreath form last year I’m not sure how big it is either.

Tulle Snowman Wreath
Supplies needed:
• wire wreath form (with at least two rings–mine has four)
• tulle in blue and white (you’ll need a lot more tulle than you realize! I used almost 6 yards of white and 4 yards of blue)
• scissors
• snowmen ornaments (I got two packages for 75% off after Christmas!)

1) Cut your tulle! I have no idea what size I cut the pieces I do know that the blue pieces were 2/3’s the size of the white so that the white sticks out under the blue.

2) Begin “tying” the tulle onto the wreath. I put the blue over the upper two wires and the white on the bottom two wires. Check the pictures out below!





3) Cover the whole wreath form. Check out my sweet helper!

I had originally planned to zip-tie the snowmen ornaments over the crossbars that hold the wires in place but then decided to just hang a few snowman across the middle with a piece of tulle. Adding the snowman is a completely decorative extra step that you could skip if you like.

Here it is completed!


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