Window Frame Collages {using screen wire and scrapbook paper}

Way back when I shared with you two tutorials on how to upcycle window frames (click here to check them out). Recently though I have created a couple of frames using flexible screen wire and scrapbooking paper. I thought you might enjoy seeing them!

The first frame was windowless. My husband had painted one side orange. So we attached flexible garden wire onto the opposite side with a staple gun. (Sorry no process pictures!)

The second frame was a gorgeous white on one side and had divided panes of glass. Beautiful!! I decided to utilize it as a dry erase type board so I put the scrapbooking paper on the opposite side that I planned to hang the frame.

Paint a layer of Mod Podge onto the glass. We use foam brushes and of course I let the kids do the painting!

Cut your paper to size and lay it on the glass with the decorated side you like facing downwards. (My paper is double sided. Sorry if that’s confusing!)

Paint over the paper with a layer of Mod Podge. Work out bubbles.

Let it dry!

Now you need hardware for the back. Different people prefer different styles of hardware. Some like hanging wires, some prefer the little mouth styles with teeth (that’s what I used!), and then there are other styles as well! Pick what you like and go with it!

Time to hang!
Get out your toothpaste, screws and screwdriver. Check out my screwdriver!!

It was a gift from my parents for Christmas!! Love it!!

Most of you are probably trying to figure out why you have toothpaste out. Let me explain. I use toothpaste to mark my drill spots so that they are even and in the right places.

Put a dab on the back of your hanging hardware. Make sure it’s a larger dab.


Hold it up where you would like to hang it and squish it to the wall. Now you’ll have a toothpaste dot on your wall.


Place your screw right above the toothpaste mark.


Hang your frames!

20130109-062711.jpg Enjoy!!

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