The Truth About Homeschooling…


I want to address a few misconceptions and stereotypes people think about homeschoolers.

Misconception: Homeschoolers don’t vaccinate.
Truth: Some do, some don’t. I know as many that do as those that don’t. We vaccinate and homeschool. I think the reason people believe this to be true is because they think people have to homeschool if they don’t vaccinate their children which isn’t true. I know two public school families that do not vaccinate.

Misconception: Homeschool families are big.
Truth: Most are but not all. I know a few families of two or three but most that I’ve encountered have four to six. There are probably a lot of reasons for this each specific to the particular family.

Misconception: Homeschool families make all their own clothing.
Truth: Most homeschoolers aren’t fashionable by today’s standards which is where this misnomer seems to stem from. Most homeschooling families choose more modest clothing as well which means making or buying outside of fashion. I do however know some families who dress in many of the current styles and most people don’t realize they homeschool.

Misconception: Homeschooling families are poor.
Truth: Most aren’t. A lot of homeschool families choose to live on one income, that doesn’t make them poor. Many choose to live frugally by raising animals, growing gardens, driving older cars, etc but that does not make us poor. We are simply living within our means but that doesn’t mean that we are poor.

Misconception: Homeschool moms never yell at their kids.
Truth: That’s a flat out lie. We react like any other parent and we reach the end of our temper sometimes with our kids too.

Misconception: Homeschool moms think they are better than working, public school moms.
Truth: Absolute lie! I can’t imagine how difficult it is to work forty hours a week missing your babies and then still taking care of the house and everything else! I think our levels of work are different but neither one is harder or easier.

The point of this post is to just clear the air. Just because we homeschool doesn’t mean we are weird hippies and just because someone else sends their kids to public school doesn’t mean we think you are a cold uncaring parent.

Do you have a question about homeschoolers or homeschooling you want to ask? Post in the comments and I’ll try to help!


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