Bathtub Fun: Shaving Cream Paint

I have seen people making bathtub paint all over the web! Everywhere I see these posts though I also see the question “Will it stain my tub?” Of course it’s different in every tub but if you let your kids use the commercial paints or bath tub crayons and they don’t stain you should be okay. Remember though I did say its different for every tub so test yours out!

Making the paint is pretty standard.

Bathtub Paint
Supplies needed:
• shaving cream
• food coloring
• muffin tin (large 6 muffin tin works great!)
• stirrers (I used 6 plastic knives!)

Put shaving cream in tin. Place food coloring into each tin. Mix.

Tip: Using the coloring guide on the back of the food coloring box is helpful! Just use half of what it calls for!

Here it is ready for the tub!

G was in the paint before he got in the tub. As soon as he put it on his skin my heart skipped a beat. I thought my son was being inducted into the Smurfs.

After soaking for awhile though he was back to my little normal colored boy. They loved the paint! It did make the water an awful muck color during the bath though.





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