{Tutorial} Foot Pocket Blanket

Super late post today but since I don’t normally post on weekends I think you can forgive me! Right? I’m also going to help you with a present for the hardest group of people to buy for…men!

If you’re looking for a quick to make, semi homemade, men love them type gift, you’ve found it!

This project starts with a basic throw that you can buy at most box stores. Mine is made using a holiday throw that I bought for $4.97 at Walmart. I(‘m actually making 5 of these!) I originally planned to start with fleece purchased in the fabric department but after figuring up the cost these blankets were much cheaper! It saved tons of time too!

Foot Pocket Blanket
Supplies needed:
• Throw Blanket (mine is 50″x60″ so all further dimensions will be based of those initial measurements)
• Fleece for pocket (see step one!)
• Cutting supplies
• Sewing supplies

1) Determine sizing and cut your fleece.
–width: divide your short side by three and then cut one inch wider; for example: my throw is 50″ wide, divided by three that equals 16.67″ which I decided to utilize as 16.5″ (side) 17″ (middle) 16.5″ (side)
–length: divide your long side by four and then cut one inch taller; for example: my throw is 60″, divided by four is 15″
–18″ wide by 16″ long for my throw!

2) Optional: Hem one long edge.

3) Find the exact center of the bottom edge of the short side and the center of the bottom edge of the fleece square (the unhemmed edge). Match those and pin around the edges (if hemmed, place the finished edge towards the inside of the blanket).

4) Draw stitch lines on the fleece. (I find fleece never really cuts straight.)

5) Stitch around the three edges using the shortest stitch on your machine. (This makes them less noticeable I promise!)

6) Trim the edges of the fleece!

You’re done!! Here are my feet in it!
It’s upside down but this is how it works!

Another cool aspect of this pillow is that you can easily fold it into itself creating a pillow! So here are the instructions for folding!

Lay the blanket out flat with the pocket facing down.

Fold into thirds. (Long sides are being fold in.)

Fold in half.

Fold in half one more time (you’re folded square should now be the size of the pocket).

Stick your hand into the center of the pocket.

Pull the bottom of the blanket through the pocket basically flipping the blanket into the pocket.

Here is the blanket side after pillow stuffed!

This is why you place your hemmed edge towards the blanket so when it’s a pillow the pretty hemline shows.

I love these suckers and it’s thanks to a college friend that I was introduced to these wonderful blankets! Have fun keeping those tootsies warm!!

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