{Tutorial} Christmas Tree Gift Tags

My mom started making all sorts of crafts out of old books after ending up with 150+ books for less than $5 at an auction. We have made Kindle/Nook covers, I’ve made book wreaths, and Mom has made envelopes, tags, ornaments and tons of other stuff!

This tutorial is for a fun gift tag that could be made using book pages or regular paper! You can use them as tags like I did on simple brown packages or as ornaments like Mom did.

Book Page Gift Tags
Supplies needed:
• paper/book page (you will see both sides of the paper so you may want to use a double sided piece of paper, aka colored or patterned on both front and back sides)
• scissors
• pen/pencil
• something round to trace
• glue/double sided tape

1) Trace half of your round item onto your paper.

2) Cut. (If you traced a whole circle above, cut it in half during this step.)

3) Fold! (Follow the pictures for folding instructions!!) Keep the point (created on first fold) the same when folding later folds. Fold as many times as necessary to use entire piece.

4) Glue/tape down folds to create a flat tree!

Use them as tags or decorate a tree like Mom did:


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