{Tutorial} Pocket Pillow

Christmas is quickly approaching so I have a super quick sewing tutorial that can be thrown together in plenty of time for the holiday. This pillow is a cute addition to a child’s bed and works well to catch a favorite bedtime book or pjs in the morning. It can also be easily altered to a larger or smaller size.

Pocket Pillow
Supplies Needed:
• fabric (you can use 1, 2, or 3 different colors–large scraps or fat quarters work great for this project!)
• stuffing (I used an old pillow for a couple of these but any kind of fluffy fill will work)
• cutting supplies
• sewing supplies
• hand needle and thread (you can choose to just straight stitch the bottom instead)

1) Determine the colors you want to use and what role they will play. You need a back panel, a front panel and a pocket. Here are my fabric choices: 20121219-075331.jpg
The brown will be my front panel (remember you don’t see but just a peek of your front panel because of the pocket).
The green is my back panel.
The trucks are my pocket (remember to cut with the pattern of using a directional print).

2) Cut!
–Front and Back Panel: 13″ wide by 10″ tall
–Pocket: 13″ wide by 8″ tall
(You can adjust the size by adding or subtracting from the dimensions above.)

3) Fold over the long length of the pocket on one side to create a finished hem. I simply folded it .5″ inch and finished it with a decorative zigzag stitch.


4) Set them up for sewing. Lay your front panel (brown for me) wrong side down on your work table. Place pocket fabric (trucks for me) with right side facing upwards on top of your front panel. Make sure your bottom edges match up with your pocket hem towards the top. Lay back panel (green for me) on top of the front and pocket with right sides facing (printed sides of fabric matching). (Check out the photos if you need more clarification.)


5) You need a turn hole and I have a fun tip to share. I don’t really know how to explain it in words so I’ll show you in pictures.


20121219-093508.jpg Sew around the edges of your fabric.

6) Clip the corners and turn! Make sure to poke out the corners!


7) Stuff!


8) Close the bottom with either a whip stitch, blind stitch or flat seam on your machine.



You’re done! Here are three I’ve made!

The girl ones are smaller as they were from some scraps and are for younger girls. I also added a band of ribbon across the front of the pocket.

Simple and easy!


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