{Recipe} Snowman Snack

Who remembers Bunny Bait? A few heads must be nodding out there.

As Christmas approaches I wanted another simple snack mix that could be taken to holidays as well as gifted to people (like the postman, garbage man, etc.).

Before I give you the recipe I have to tell you. One reason I love making snack mixes is because I love watching people eat it. There are four types of snack mix eaters: the pickers (eating only the things they like and leaving behind the rest), the pinchers (people who use the finger and thumb eating style), the palm fullers (people who scoop and eat), and the sophisticated (the ones who use utensils while chowing down)!

This recipe is of course very simple!

Snowman Snack
Yield: almost 10 cups
• 4 cups caramel popcorn (almost one full bag as shown in the photo)
• 2 cups marshmallows
• 1.5 cups toasted corn squares
• 2 cups peanut butter M&M’S

You also need either a giant bowl or two large bowls.

Measure out your supplies and pour into bowl.


Stir it up.


Sample a few marshmallows. 🙂


This is what you end up with!


We packaged ours up in little treat bags in one cup (more or less) servings.




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