Christmas Planner Printable {Free, of course!}

I love the holiday season for a lot of reasons but there are things that I don’t like as well. Such as trying to remember what Christmas event is when and what gifts are supposed to be attached to that event and those people. I am also horrible, especially at the beginning of the season for making or picking up gifts and then not remembering who they are intended for or double buying for one person thinking I hadn’t gotten them a gift. This is further compounded because Hubby likes to shop as well so it seems like we are always doubling up. Some people are just easy to shop for and others aren’t which is part of the problem as well.

Last year, we did a lot better with buying only one gift and making sure each person got a gift because I made up a really simple list. After we were done with someone we marked off their name. While this worked it didn’t help with making sure each Christmas was attended with the correct gifts. So I have created a document to help solve this problem in my household and thought it might be helpful to you as well. So I will share, since it is the Christmas season, and because I love everybody out there!

Planner Pic

Christmas Gift Planner

(click on the link below the picture!)

It has a place to list the Christmas event and date at the top which is very important when you have a few Christmas’. (We have four: our little family, Hubby’s parents and grandparents, my parents, and then my grandparents. CRAZY!) In the table, you’ll find a place to list the person’s name, then some gift ideas. There are check boxes after the gift ideas so after you decide what you plan to gift you can place a check mark next to it. Then you simply continue filling out the form after the item is purchased or made, wrapped and delivered. I plan to use the delivered box as we load the car, checking off each person’s gift to make sure it gets in the car headed to its destination.

So please, print and share!


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