{Tutorial} Sticker Book

Last week, we went to a birthday party for one of the girls from ballet. Each week at ballet the girls get a sticker at the end of class for good behavior. At the end of class they come out proudly bearing a sticker on one of their hands to then lose them while dressing or become dismal at the fact that they have no where to keep them. Here came the light bulb that a sticker book must be created.

I immediately knew that a reusable, removable sticker book had to be the end product. Not only could they store the stickers but they could remove then and restick them at any time to the various pages. Thus creating glorious hours of fun!

I began researching to see if anyone else had created a sticker book as I’ve described but the only ones I found used wax paper that you melded together with an iron…I don’t know about you but I can sum that up in two words, not happening. I wanted something really simple. So I created a simple solution.

Supplies Needed:
-scrapbook paper (some paper weight, some cardstock weight)
-sandwich size ziplock bags (can use a larger size but make sure they are clear bags)
-metal rings, 2 or 3 (the style that open and close by snapping)
-file folder
-duct tape
-masking tape
-paper cutter
-hole punch



1. Cut your scrapbook paper slightly smaller than the inside measurement. You need to use a piece of cardstock weight in each bag. I did one regular decorative sheet and a piece of cardstock in each bag. Depending on what brand bag you use will determine your measurements as well.

2. Layer your pages the way you want them to appear in the finished book.


3. Cut off most of the plastic next to the zipper. (check out the picture for clarification)


4. Place a strip of masking tape over the zipper. It doesn’t have to be the whole length of the seam. This will help it from bending during duct taping.


5. Cut a strip of duct tape longer than bag. It’s easier to cut off a bit of excess than to get it stuck and realize its short. I find that folding my duct in half lengthwise (with sticky sides out) makes it easier to place evenly on the bag seam.


6. After creating your duct sandwich, over the bag and zipper, trim the ends.


7. Grab your file folder. Cut two rectangles slightly bigger than your bags.

(Optional) Create a duct seam on one side.

8. (If using three rings…) Using the ruler on your paper cutter determine the center of your side. You’ll be hole punching through the duct tape. Measure down from top 1.5″ and up from the bottom 1.5″.

9. Punch holes. Make sure on to pull tabs off the backside if they are hanging.


10. Put each page through the rings. Decorate the front and begin playing!


Quick confession: I started our with one pair of hole punches and ended with another because I had trouble jimmying over the zipper with the one pair.


If you have any questions, comment below!

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