Review of Weekly Goals

Overall I was really happy with all the stuff I got done this week!

1. Complete all Advent activities. Going strong and having a great time!

1. Clear out laundry room.
2. Do all household laundry. Other than the clothes we are wearing right now everything is done!
3. Clean bathrooms thoroughly. Hand scrub grout lately, its an awful job…
4. Mop kitchen. The kids did twice!
5. Move sewing machine. I now have a dedicated sewing table!
6. Start both bread starters. I forgot to pick up the large jars from my Mom. Whoops!
7. Decorate dining room table. Simple but elegant!

1. Prep AWANA lesson.
2. Prepare form letter (missing books).
3. Prepare parent letter (participation, shoe issue).
4. Prepare PPT.
5. Prepare handouts for Christmas on the Square. Must be done by Wednesday!
6. Get stuff in bulletin.

1. Write Santa response letter and mail to North Pole, Alaska.
2. Borrow October Baby from church and watch!
3. Email Tiffany.
4. Call Sarah.
5. Finish Caitlyn’s gift and all sewn Christmas gifts. I think this was too ambitious for such a busy week.
6. Read half of current book.

1. Prewash flannel for wipes.
2. Make bath paint. Watch for a post this week!
3. Finish B’s penpal letter.
4. Make felt tree.
5. Complete dance bag for B.

1. Do something unexpected.

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