Bathtub Fun: Craft Foam

A long time ago, probably B’s second birthday or Christmas someone gave her a set of foam letters for the bath. {If you don’t know foam will stick to the tub and surround when wet. Pretty cool, I know!}

Throughout the years we have lost a few letters here and there since I remove the letters to sanitize them. Every time they leave the bath toy storage it seems like one or two don’t make it back. So I decided I would make some fun craft foam cut outs for the kids to enjoy during bath time. So it went on one of those long to do lists, you know the kind…the one that you’ve been added projects to for months and then maybe complete one in a year…sound familiar…

Finally a few months back it finally came to the top of the list! So one night I sit down to get started. Guess what…I can’t find the foam. I’m pretty sure I have some but I have no idea where it’s living at inside my house. I’m not making a town run for craft foam at that time of night which would have also required hauling my children with me. Down the list it goes, until Halloween. We went to Spookway at the Speedway where one of the booths was giving away these…


For the last six weeks, they have sat in a pile downstairs waiting to be crafting when I realized they were craft foam kits! Bathtub here we come!


I didn’t make these of course and don’t know how much they cost regularly as they were free to us, but the kit worked great! We are using one currently and have one more for when this kit starts tearing up too much. I may still make some foam bath toys in the future {since I have since found the foam} but for right now…these are great!


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