{Tutorial} Drawstring Bag for Ballet

B was in desperate need of a new ballet bag. She outgrew her mini reusable bag this year when she starting dancing tap and had those clunky clickers to carry too. One of the other girls carried a cute little drawstring bag to class which got me to thinking. I knew I could come up with a simple drawstring bag for B that would hold her expanding dance needs. So I set to work!

Let me say previous to sharing, I am not advanced in the art of sewing. After completing the project I thought more about it and realized that I should have created an inner shell and outer shell but I didn’t. Oops! That’s okay though this project turned out super cute and B loves it!

Supplies Needed:
-sewing basics (machine, thread, cutting mat, rotary cutter, seam ripper, etc.)
-fabric (two coordinating colors: one inner, one outer -or- one color for the whole project)
-paracord (optional, fabric or another cord could be used)
-webbing (optional, fabric could be used)

1) Cut fabric. I used a scrap piece of broadcloth for one of my inside panels which was already at the dimensions of 13″ wide by 18″ long. Cut two inside and outer panels.


2) Place right sides together of one inside and outer panel leaving a space to turn. Pin and sew.


3) Clip the corners and turn!



4) Repeat on the second panel.

5) Iron.

6) Close the hole with either a blind stitch, a slip stitch, or a straight stitch.


7) Cut a length of paracord equal to the perimeter of your panel. Mine is 18+13=31*2=62. (if you’re using fabric create a tube of fabric the link of your perimeter)

8) Fuse the paracord into loop (if fabric sew into loop).






9) Holding both loops together place them at the top of one panel (on the inside). Determine the size you want to make your casing, fold over, pin and sew. The paracord should be run through the casing.



10) This step may be confusing. The pictures should help. Butt the top of panel two up to the casing on the first panel. Criss-cross the loops and lay them on panel two. Create a casing over the paracord.




11) Cut two 3″ pieces of webbing. Seal ends with a lighter. On each side, loop the webbing around one of the paracord strands (check out the picture for clarity!) Zig zag stitch the webbing to hold it together (not necessary but helpful!)


12) Place panels right side together. Stuff paracord into the center of the bag. Position the webbing tabs through the panels so that there are even on both sides. The looped portion of the webbing should be on the inside.


13) Stitch around the outside of the panel starting and stopping 3/4 of an inch from the casing on each side.

14) Flip the bag. Here’s the inside:


Here are the dance goodies!


And here is the frozen ballerina modeling her new bag!



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