Our Simple Advent Calendar

So many of you are probably reading this post and thinking ‘does she realize its December 4th already?’ Just so you know I do know that and for some its a little late but for others this may be right on time. I have found in my research about what people do for Advent that there are some who only do the Sunday readings with the wreath lighting while others start in November in order to complete four full weeks previous to Christmas. We don’t do our Advent celebration in the traditional way either! Hubby works a crazy schedule being in EMS so we cater to his schedule during the holiday season and adjust accordingly. This year we will be having our family Christmas on the 29th of December. It works for us and allows us to be a little more relaxed when making plans with other people as well.

The first thing that must be done when preparing for Advent is to determine what you want to do. You can simply read the Bible each day with your family (I’ll include our daily readings below), you might choose to add in acts of service for others or family activities or both. We do a reading each day as well as a mix of service acts and fun family activities. This is when you need your pad of paper and a pen! Begin planning! Remember you probably have things on your calendar already like a parade or seeing Santa!

Some of our activities include: donating clothes, Minivan Express (there will be another post on this one), downtown tree lighting, make fluffy stuff, Minute to Win It Game Night, thanking those who serve us (postman, trash man, SS teachers and volunteers at church, etc.) Some of these are family focused, some are service focused, we like to mix it up around here!

Our daily readings (broken down into 25 days):

  1. Isaiah 40:1-5
  2. Isaiah 52:7-10; 40:9-11
  3. Genesis 3:8-15
  4. Genesis 15:1-6
  5. Deuteronomy 18:15-19
  6. Psalm 89:1-4
  7. Isaiah 11:1-10
  8. Zechariah 6:12-13
  9. Micah 5:2-4
  10. Malachi 3:1-6
  11. John 1:1-8
  12. John 1:9-18
  13. Mark 1:1-3
  14. Luke 1:5-13
  15. Luke 1:14-17
  16. Luke 1:18-25
  17. Luke 1:39-45
  18. Luke 1:46-56
  19. Luke 1:57-66
  20. Luke 1:67-80
  21. Isaiah 7:10-14
  22. Luke 1:26-35
  23. Isaiah 9:2-7
  24. Matthew 1:18-25
  25. Luke 2:1-20

We like the short Bible Readings since we have a short attention span around here :-).

After determining what you’re doing, you need to make or buy an Advent Calendar. I made a really simple one using library envelopes (you know those envelopes that they used to have in library books before computers) that I found in some scrapbooking supplies. I had green ones and white ones which i covered with some cute Christmas paper. I printed the numbers on some circle stickers and put them in the lower left hand corner. We decided to hang them on the banister for the stairs. We could only hang half on each side but that’s okay. The kids picked the spot and it doesn’t hurt to be on both sides! We simply wrapped a ribbon around the banister and then clipped the envelopes on with clothespins. I wrote the days reading and activities on index cards and stuck them in the envelopes.

In future years, I can simply reuse the envelopes and they can hang anywhere really. They might find a permanent home at some point but for now this system works well and its simple!

I’ll blog about a few of our Advent adventures later on in the month! We’re going to have so much fun celebrating the birth of our Savior!


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