Weekly Goals {December 3rd – 9th}


I use the free downloadable sheets from Money Saving Mom each week to write out my goals/to-do list for the week. Here is this week’s list!

1. Complete all Advent activities.

1. Clear out laundry room.
2. Do all household laundry.
3. Clean bathrooms thoroughly.
4. Mop kitchen.
5. Move sewing machine.
6. Start both bread starters.
7. Decorate dining room table.

1. Prep AWANA lesson.
2. Prepare form letter (missing books).
3. Prepare parent letter (participation, shoe issue).
4. Prepare PPT.
5. Prepare handouts for Christmas on the Square.
6. Get stuff in bulletin.

1. Write Santa response letter and mail to North Pole, Alaska.
2. Borrow October Baby from church and watch!
3. Email Tiffany.
4. Call Sarah.
5. Finish Caitlyn’s gift and all sewn Christmas gifts.
6. Read half of current book.

1. Prewash flannel for wipes.
2. Make bath paint.
3. Finish B’s penpal letter.
4. Make felt tree.
5. Complete dance bag for B.

1. Do something unexpected.

What do you plan to do this week?

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