30 Days of Homeschooling: Pros and Cons


Homeschooling has many great advantages but it also has its disadvantages. Both need to be weighed when making a decision to teach your child at home.

Homeschooling Pros:
–>Educational Freedom. You are free to teach your child what you want, how you want and when you want. You can teach solely based off of their interests if you like. You can teach heavily in one subject while teaching less in others.
–>Physical Freedom. You can also teach them at any time of the year. You don’t have to teach Monday through Friday 7:30 am to 3:30 pm. If school is better for you Wednesday through Saturday go for it! Just remember to compile with your state’s homeschooling law (specific number of hours or days per year).
–>Emotional Freedom. Sadly our schools have had to deal greatly with bullying and peer pressure in recent years. Homeschooling gives you the freedom to teach your child without having to worry about the outside influences that are present in public schools. Self-esteem issues are less likely to arise in homeschoolers as well because they are not confronted daily with judgement from others based on looks and style.
–>Religious Freedom. I am a born again Christian and by homeschooling my children I am able to teach them daily about my faith in God! I also do not have to teach them the theory of evolution nor do I teach them that the dinosaurs are million upon billions of years old. I teach them sound principles based on God’s holy word.
–>Closer Family Relationships. Since you are together 24/7, stronger relationships are formed. I have a major, major problem with the Sprint commercials that are talking about the need for unlimited data. They make the point that a parent makes a decision to miss an important moment in their child’s life (school play, graduation) to download something (an app, a stupid video). I find this so sad! Isn’t it sad that media comes before our child! I love my sweet babies and don’t ever want them to think a phone comes before them.
–>Stability During Difficult Times. Every family has hard times whether it be death or illness. Homeschooling allows a family to step back and take a breath while not completely disrupting life in the household.
–>Well-Rested Kids. Let’s face it…some kids are not morning people. So why in the world would you want to drag them out of bed to groggily begin studying each day.
–>No Busywork. Rather than filling time (7:30 am-3:30 pm) we are filling ready children with knowledge. There is never any homework because we are solely focused on the task at hand.

Homeschooling Cons:
–>Time Consuming. Preparing for each child to complete schooling takes time even if you have a teacher’s manual that does it all. School itself takes a lot of time that stops you from being able to complete other tasks as well. I have already spent 15-20 hours preparing for the upcoming year and still have quite a bit left to do.
–>Financial Restraints. Usually homeschooling families forego one income to have a parent stay home and school the children. Living on one budget can be very hard and then you add in cost of homeschooling. Books, supplies and activities can be very expensive.
–>Being with Your Kids 24/7. This is a pro as well as a con. Because you are with them constantly you can forge great relationships with your children but on the other end of the spectrum you rarely have alone time to breathe when you homeschool.
–>Limited Team Sports. If sports are important to you this may be your deciding factor. Homeschoolers generally do not have the opportunity to play as many sports as their public school counterparts. However with the establishment of coops, many homeschooler are able to play sports, be cheerleaders, and participate in plays.
–>Living Outside the Norm. Homeschooling, while becoming more popular, is still not the normal thing to do. I love to see the reaction of people when I tell them we homeschool. It varies from shock to sadness to understanding to joy. Many simply don’t get why anyone would want to take on the responsibility of homeschooling. Most immediately ask about socialization (I always have to be conscience not to chuckle when they ask this). You do find some that are truly supportive of your decision. Ultimately though you should remember you did not make a decision to homeschool based off of the opinion of others. You made the decision based off the needs of your family!

This list is not an exhaustive one of course. So tell me: what are some of the things I missed?


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