30 Days of Homeschooling: Home Learning Year by Year (by: Rebecca Rupp)


Home Learning Year by Year is a resource that I believe every homeschooling parent should have in their library. It provides an outline for what should be taught each year as well activities to help when teaching the concepts.

One downside is that there isn’t a page that simply has the complete list. In order to get a list of all of the objectives you have to flip through the pages finding each one to create an objective sheet.

I have used this wonderful book to create objective sheets for each grade. I have each of them on a file on the computer where I will be able to print them each year in the applicable grade for the applicable child. (ie: 2012-2013, I’ll print K(4) for B. 2016-2017, K(5) for G and 3rd for B)


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