Review of May 23rd–29th

10.5 of 12 completed! Yay me!

1. Make B’s chore chart. (finished decorating it and it’s quite cute!)
2. Take B to the library to sign up for summer reading program. (we didn’t get signed up but the program doesn’t start until next week so we can sign up next week)
3. Celebrate G’s birthday with birthday cake pancakes and a trip to the park with ice cream! (we ended up having donuts {yum!!} and instead of going to the park we had a fun day playing outside at our house and ate cupcakes!)
4. Hold G’s birthday party!! (everybody had an awesome time and minus some gnats being outside was great!)

5. Give myself a pedicure (or go get one…sigh). (I gave myself one using those Sally Hansen pedicure stickers! It looks so cute!)

Home Management:
6. Work in the garden each day.
7. Clean in garage for an hour. (gotta keep going!)

8. Work 15 minutes each day on upcoming events. (combined I work more than a 15 minute a day average)
9. Attend AWANA meeting. (done, two more left)

10. Prepare for board meeting. (agenda put together and ready to go!)
11. Attend board meeting. (we decided to postpone the market for a year)
12. Prepare for Market.


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